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Not to be confused with The Signless/Sufferer.

The Signless is a fan-made easteregg in Abandoned: Discovery Island. He is an adaptation of the character by the same name in Homestuck.


The Signless has a fairly human appearance. He wears a dark tan cloak, and two nubby orange horns on his head. He also has bright red glowing eyes.


The Signless will appear if the player types "69" during any night. The next time the player opens the monitor or views a camera, the zodiac symbol of Cancer will appear, obscuring the player's vision. If they lower it after seeing this, Signless will appear in the office. If the player does not hide after seeing him, the game will close for a few seconds. Once it reopens, the game continues the night, but the location is tinted bright red, and the time/night HUD would be replaced with the Cancer symbol, forcing you to guess the time. Once the night is completed, it continues on normally.


  • If the number "69" is viewed sideways, it shows to be the zodiac symbol for Cancer; Signless' symbol.

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