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Stop right there, buddy! You aren't going anywhere without reading this!

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'28 Mickey Suit is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He's an abandoned Willy suit from 1928'. He's dusty and withered, he losed his left arm, he's too losed his right eye, and he's dirty and dusty.


He's starts in Character Prep 2, staring at the camera. Next, he enters Storage Room, then he goes to Staff Area, then enters The Office. When you see it, ignore him because he doesn't see you but he hears you. Ignore him pulling up the monitor. If he's on the office for a long time, if you hide, or if you shut off a camera, he will jumpscare you.


Sorry, but i can't put the audios again.

- I was the first one... I am a true treasure!

- I can see you stalk my modern friends...

- Why did they abandon us so times?

- Im the true mouse... ¡AND YOUR TRUE TERROR!


  • I used Willy to do this.
  • Budgie 2712 helped me to complete this character.
  • He's the true Willy.