Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


??? is an mysterious creature that is made off Mickey, Oswald and the Poison Suits. ??? has Mickey's arms, Oswald's legs, Ortensia's ears and Poison that makes up the rest of it's body such as the body's tail and head. It also has one eye from a Mickey suit.


It starts moving on Night 5 and will be seen standing on CAM 10 before it crawls down to the Chimney and into the Meat Freezer were it will crawl into the office. You have to shut 3 cams off for it to go away, or you can shut the power off as well.


  • The creator of this character originally planned for it to be made from God, Undying and Hourglass, but then the idea was Mickey, Oswald, Ortensia and Minnie
  • It was meant to be active on Night 6 if The player died to Mick Mick, Normal Oswald, Ortensia and Impure mouse too much.