Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


??? Figure is a fan-made Easter egg in Abandoned: Discovery island.


He is a blue humanoid figure with a black skull and Mickey mouse gloves.


If the player completes the game 100% then on Night 3 the player must have the power off by the time it reaches 3am. If the player does this then they must get the VHS tape. If they do that then dialogue will appear in blue text. The dialogue says this: "..." "If you are hearing this please come to the Office." "There is someone in there who me and many others want dead." If you are the one in that office then... why?" "Why did you attack me?" On Night 6 he will start in a random room and will move in a random pattern. He goes to three cameras until going to the Office. To make him leave the player must shut the door and hide under the opposite side of the desk that he came from. If you hide on the wrong side of the desk he will jumpscare you and kill you. If you get killed looking at him he will crash your game.


  • ??? Figure does not have a screech.
  • He has very different mechanics than other characters.