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Warning: Some BATIM content, please pretend this is a FNATI oc not some FNATI and BATIM crossover oc, k? (yeah, yeah lets get into the introduction)

Ärger is a antagonist in FNATI


He is a Mickey suit, in rainbow colors and he has no eyes, just like Suicide Mouse.


Ärger can teleport from the Broadcasting Room to the office, he can rarely show up in the Meat Freezer. To get rid of him you must shut off one of the cameras, failing to do this will get him to jumpscare you, crashing the player's game with a death screen.

This song will play in the Broadcasting Room if Ärger is in The Broadcasting Room: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fORFKabxzoI

Quotes (Oh boy...)

"You... m-must b-b-b-be new"

"Are you-you-you annoyed yet?"

"We.... Are.... Many...."

"This.... will-ll-ll be your last night"


  • Ärger can sometimes show in The Broadcasting Room in the regular nights as an easter egg.
  • Ärger is maybe connected to Corruptus
  • Ärger means "Annoyance" in German.
  • Ärger's quotes are distorted
  • He acts similar to Corruptus
  • There is a slight possibility that his death screen may show up on all televisions if Ärger is in the Broadcasting Room