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ゴールデンマウス is a character in Abandoned Discovery Island.


ゴールデンマウス is what appears to be a "Golden Suit" with a yellow smiley face mask. Gold clothing and shoes, his gloves remains unchanged.


ゴールデンマウス starts as the main antagonist on Gold Night. On this night. He would be 5% faster then Photo Negative Mickey. He starts on the roof, then he goes to the Staff Area. Then the Meat Freezer. Then makes his way to the office. The player must shut down the cameras or else ゴールデンマウス will jumpscare him, disabling the night until he completes Night 6.


  • ゴールデンマウス's mask was made by NowDoYourHomieShake.
  • ゴールデンマウス is just a normal Mickey suit colored with yellow.
  • ゴールデンマウス means "Golden Mouse" in Japanese.
  • ゴールデンマウス's appearance could reference the "other gold suits." Even tho if people say he copied off that "Gold Mickey" character. It just wants to make him drink bleach, but he can't. Because he knows drinking bleach is unhealthy.
  • ゴールデンマウス could be the first character who's name is made out of Japanese letters.
  • He was involved in a post by NowDoYourHomieShake. (And the image finally came out as I wanted to come out while I was trying to add it on)

    ゴールデンマウス in a image called "Japanese Gold Mouse gives advice"