Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


The Hybrid is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery island.


The Hybrid is a fusion of Photo Negative Mickey, Acephalous, Pluto, The Face, Impure Mouse, and Disembodied. It has many torn apart limbs and it is missing an arm. It has an inverted human eye.


The Hybrid is very complicated because it can look like a certain toon and if it does you must do a different thing. If it appears in front of you as Acephalous, you must hide. After you hide, you must get up and when you see The Hybrid in front of the desk, you must shut off a camera to survive. If it appears as Dark Oswald, you must shut off the power. If it appears as Photo Negative Minnie, you must shut off the power while CAM 2 is off. If you see The Hybrid normally, look at it and it will go away.


It's shade looks the same as the normal one, but without eyes or legs. If it appears on the left side of the Office, you must shine your flashlight in normal mode to make it go away. If it appears on the right side of the Office, you must hide or shine the flashlight in brighter mode.


  • It has no gender.
  • It will only appear on Broken Night 6.
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