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000 (or Experiment 000) is an easter egg in "Treasure Island: Mouse-Napped".


000 is a heavily distorted version of Mickey Mouse. 000 is extremely tall, and has many strange features. 000 lacks eyes, and is missing an ear. 000's right arm is replaced with an underdeveloped Mickey head.

000's torso is torn, exposing its skeleton. 000's left leg is bent in a distorted fashion, and his right leg is also torn, exposing the bone. 000's feet are flat and appear melted. 000 is dull in color.


000 can only be encountered after beating the game. Finding 000 is extremely rare, as the chances of finding him are 1 to 100. Once finding 000, he will appear in the office, making groaning sounds that sound like it is gasping for air. Before crashing the game with a short jumpscare.

000's Lore

000 was the first creation of Undying before creating the rest of the Experiment Suits. 000 was abused by Undying, and was kept locked in a containment unit in an underground section of the facility.

Undying would extract 000's DNA by takings its blood, and saliva. 000 was also a tester for various chemical used for creating the Experiment Suits, thus, causing his distortions. After the ending of TI:MN, and playing the game once more, the player has a chance of encountering 000.