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1930's Face is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.

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1930's Face starts on the Roof on Night 5 with The Face, when he activates, a reverse, slowed down, and distorted version of Myuu's It's A Small World would play. He moves to Staff Area, and then the Office.


The appearance of 1930's Face is almost like a grayscale version of The Face, except he's 2D, a smaller nose, less humanoid eyes, and a larger gaping mouth.


When 1930's Face activates, he starts on the Roof, then he moves into the Staff Area, then into the Office, where the player will have to shut off a camera or he will kill them, hiding in the desk has a 20% chance for survival, But during a blackout its a 50% chance of Survival. When moving he will say one of the following :

  • "I'll break your neck!"
  • "I'll NEVER be your friend!"
  • "YOU'RE the reason why I'm like this!"
  • "My brother helped you, and got nothing in return."
  • "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse."
  • "Where's Pluto?"
  • "I will hang you to a rope made out of bones and skin!"
  • "Oh! Hello, Welcome to Discovery Island"
  • "(normal pitch to lower pitch) I'm gonna gut you like a FISH!" 


  • 8-bit 1930's Face is a bata design of 1930's Face!
  • The quote, "My brother helped you, and got nothing in return." is a  reference to The Face helping Jake in the Ture Ending from the original Abandoned Discovery Island.
  • 1930's Face is inspired by the Bendy cardboard cutouts EVERYWHERE in the game (in BATIM and BATDR)
  • The quote "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse." is a reference to Walt Disney saying this quote at Disneyland in the month of October 27, 1954.
  • 1930's Face is connected with The Face, Suicide Mouse, Willy, Eustace, and Billy. But weirdly not connected with Happy Mouse.
  • The quote "Where's Pluto?" is a reference to Eustace which is from the Creepypasta "Mickey's Best Friend", which can be found here.


He sounds like the Original Face in the old version of Abandoned Discovery Island but even creepier

You can do the voice if you want!


1930's Face (Full Body)

1930's Face in the Office

1930's Face on the Roof

1930's Face in the Staff Area

His 8-BIT form

1930's Face's Promo

1930's Face (Shade)

1930's Face's Killscreen

8-BIT 1930's Faces Promo