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Note: This article is a collab between Budgie2712 and TomatoMickMick.
"This place reminds me to Disney..." -1951 Mickey Suit

1951 Mickey Suit is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He looks like an antique Mickey Mouse suit, he lost part of his left ear and he has some deformations and his back is crossed. Too he looks like that haves some dots of dust and dirt, and small holes all over his body.


1951 Mickey Suit attacks a few times per night, but some times he can do without giving any warning.

He begins thrown in Staff Area and fastly moves away when other suit enters. After some time, you'll see him standing up and staring to the camera. This is a warning that soon he will enter The Office. When he does, fast as possible shut off two cameras. He only gives you 4 seconds to react after he jumpscares you, but don't worry. When he enters lights will begin to flicker and you will hear similar sounds to hitting metal, and the cameras will begin to fail. He will be standing up in front of you, and the Cactus Kid poster will change to "Steamboat Willie in Mickey Mouse". Hiding or shutting only one camera will not make effect on him, but however, shutting off the power will always work on him.

He dissapears if other suit enters to Staff Area, wich means that he only can attack if the room is empty, wich is an advantage to the player.

While moving, he speaks with a old man-like voice. He can say one of those quotes:

  • "What is this place?"
  • "Why am I here?"
  • "Walt? Where are you?"
  • "This place reminds me to Disney..."
  • Secret audio: "It must be somewhere..."


  • He is the next part of Tomato MickMick's "'28 Mickey Suit". The link to the page can be found here.
  • '28 Mickey Suit too is a collaboration between Budgie2712 and Tomato MickMick.
  • 1951 Mickey Suit's base model is Suicide Mouse.
  • His model was made in Blender.
  • His texture is the original one of Suicide Mouse, but sprayed with gray, brown and black in Paint.
  • The reason why he begins in Staff Area is because the room is very near to The Office, and '28 Mickey Suit goes from Character Prep 2 to Storage Room, Staff Area and The Office, making reference to him.