is an antagonist of Abandoned Discovery Island 2.6



"Why did they hire you in this terrifing place...?"

"Lets meet again... Another time... Ok?"

"You will re' scrapped along with me..."

"Soon... You'll be like me... A monstrocity! What an sad... "


  • He's model is actually PNM

model, but in his blood style.

  • To create it, PNM  model was chosen. In Gimp 2, the Invert and Value Invert effects were applied to the original promo of PNM
  • He originally has the normal PNM
    • He's mechanic looks like Freddy at FNaF 1.
    • He's jumpscare noise is Corruptus one.
    • He's obviously based in Blood Mouse.
    • In the newer versions, he was removed due to Mega mickey
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