Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Mickey Suit But His Hand Are Floating, His Head Too, And His Leg. Also He Has Burn Texture.


He Start On Janitor Closet, Then He Move To Bathroom, Then He Move To Meat Freezer, Then He Move To Lounge And Office, You Must Shut Off Camera, Failling Result Or Does Nothing He Jumpscare You But You Are Not Killed Instead You Blind 10 Seconds And Disable Ability Shut Off Camera For 10 Seconds.


  • He Removed On 0.10

Because Changes.

  • He Still A Suit But He Corrupted.
  • He Is A Suit Which Didnt Speak
  • If He Come To Office With Past Mickey, He Make A Distorted Laugh Also He Make A Very Loud Static Sound And Crash.