"Jokes Ahead"
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99 is the first suit cause I still have to die.

Appearence of le pear of eyes.

He has two eyes cuz he booted up his Windows 99. btw he still stares at you through ur life.

Behaviour cuz 99

He will start on 99 and will stare at you through Night 99. He will perform a necc snap on each phase. After his last phase, he will appear in your office. Press le button so he can leave. Failure to do so will result in a jumpscary airhorn.

His 99 Locations


The Office.

Trivia (try not to laugh. If u laugh u have to say 99 for ur whole life :D)

  • He was made in Hua's mind and was made into a meme of this wiki. Heres a reason: 99.
  • Mario shot himself in the ear. Thats why 99 is born.
  • His age is 99.
  • Airhorn, cuz why not? (Another reason: 99)
  • His other home is a shopping trolley and his second home is a mansion.
  • 99.
  • He has a family. 99 dads, 99 moms, 99 brothers, 99 sisters, 99 grandpas and 99 grandmas. He is one of the 99 brothers and sisters too.
  • He will peform a meme by doing the necc.
  • Necc.
  • He mentions The Loud House, being the 99th TV show in the world. This also happens with Spongebob Squarepants.
  • His favourite number is 99.
  • He foreshadows himself.
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