Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Andrew "Fredrick" Gony (Better known as A. Gony) Is an unofficial humanoid character in Five nights at treasure Island. He was a Person who wore a Mickey Mouse costume walking around Before he quit his job for unknown reasons.


He is shown wearing a Blue type of uniform, along with a Mickey Mouse Head that appears to be happy, but with tears under the eyes. He also has blonde hair.


A. Gony starts in the character prep 1. He can go to other places, and at rare times, he can sometimes make one camera appear in what appears to be red souls, and also changing the title to "Agony". This can be fixed by Shutting th camera off. If he is in the office, you must hide under the desk immediately. But if you are too late, he will Jumpscare you.



"He has Agony in the garden"

"He was nailed to the tree in complete agony"


  • His name spells out Agony.
  • He makes a few references to the crucifixion of Jesus, representing Agony in the garden, and Jesus being nailed to the cross.
  • If he is in the office, a distorted version of "it's a small world after all" plays.