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Tom is just your average autistic 11-years old boi that likes to be weird and just weird, he's also a joke easter egg character too.


He is a slighty badly-drawn white fox with a big light gray tail ending in a white rip, along with a bright blue torso and a pair of neon green legs.


He will start in the Roblox Room in Night 11 then he will teleport to the office, he will stare there like 5 or 10 seconds before summoning Buff Noob to break the fuck(ery) out of you. To avoid him, you must summon god to punch the crap out of Tom until he dies, if not he will summon Buff Noob anyways.

Tom hardly ever jumpscares you without summoning buff noob, but his jumpscares actually can vary time per time. So far, all of Tom's jumpscares are throwing a knife directly at your chest, throwing a bomb and then it explodes when it impacts with you, grab a gun then shot you in the head, stomp or squish your head until you finally die. directly flying at you right at your face, kicking it too hard that it instantly kills you and last but not least, asserting his dominance agaisnt you via t-posing, killing you instantly with the all-powerful madness of his very mighty dominance.


  • Tom actually belongs to HiamjamesXD.
  • He has a secret jumpscare which only happens in night 666 which, consists of a black screen with him with red realistic human eyes with blood coming from them and the eyes being darken by a 25% followed by a terribly loud high-pitched screech.
  • He is the second roblox-related character, the first one being Su Tart.
  • He is the first HTF-related character.
  • He isn't a actual suit, but a fox (obviously).
  • His voice is tenor (Scratch 3.0), if you want you can check it out.
  • He starts in Night 11 because ''11'' is his age (duh).
  • oof


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