Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Nobody knows who he is" - Teaser




AQ-3 is a Mickey Mouse suit with no arms (making him stuck in a T-Pose) and no eyes. He has purple shoes and a sinister expression.

Behaviour (from FNaTI 4)

He starts in Bot Location before moving to Hallway, Tetris Room, Lost Hall, Office Entrance and the right door blind spot. Shut the door otherwise he will leap at you very fastly.

Behaviour (A:DI as Fan Made)

He starts in Hidden Room before moving to CP1, Character Prep 2, Meat Freezer and Staff Area Before Appearing in the office. The player needs to shut off a camera otherwise he will leap at you.


  • Hidden Room
  • Character Prep 1
  • Character Prep 2
  • Meat Freezer
  • Staff Area
  • The Office


  • He is the 3rd member of the AQ series
  • This is pretty much the 1st page I made.
  • In the remake, he used to have no legs.
  • He has a teaser stating people dont know him. However if you brighten it up it shows red text saying "PAIN IS EVERYTHING".
  • His jumpscare is the first one to show him leaping at you very fastly.