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Welcome to the Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Welcome to the Abandoned: Discovery Island RP wiki! Here you can contribute and make your own Characters who have been in the abandoned Discovery Island! Make sure that you don't break the rules also! Those will be thrown out the island if so.

Help and Info

Before contributing, make sure to check the rules, and if you ever need help, don't hesitate to ask one of our staff. If you need help or suggestions on making characters, make sure to check the Character Suggestion Page, or The Character Deposit Box!

Character of the Week!

After last week the winner is Katrina


Yandere Mickey.png

Katrina is a fan made antagonist. She appears to be a bluish spirit with black hair and a face. She only appears on special night called " Disaster Night" And can appear anywhere. She's also like god's sister, but not really is. More info can be seen in the link above.

Nominate the Next Character of the Week

So now that our character of the week has been nominated, it's time to vote for next week's! And next week's candidates are...

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