Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Cactus Kid But Dusty Also He Missing Right Ear, And Missing Left Hand.


Like Original Cactus Kid If You Too Long Use Camera He Can Exit His Poster, He Has 3 Phases , Also If He Exit His Poster, You Must Hide.

Full Behaviour

Just like the original behavior , if the player pulls up the Monitor , Abandoned Cactus Kid will become hostile just like in the old version.

First if the monitor gets pulled up , Classic Mickey Mouse in the Abandoned Poster will become odd. It will look at you.

The second time if the player touches the monitor , the classic mickey in the poster will pull out his hand. Third time , his head will pop out. Fourth time , his left arm , Fifth time , a little bit of his legs , then he's fully out.

The player must hide under the desk instead of pulling up the monitor just like getting rid of the suits with the monitor. Hiding under the desk with get rid of him just like the other suits. (not all of the suits , the suits that resists going away from the camera) If the player pulls up the camera again or resists to hide under the desk will make him kill the player just like the other abandoned suits and result a game over.


  • Abandoned Normal Minnie And Abandoned Cactus Kid Is Only Abandoned Has Missing Parts.
  • He Was A Poster Abandoned 5 Years.