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Abandoned clarabelle is a antagonist in Abandoned discovery island 2.0 and she is a only cow in the game.


Abandoned Clarabelle is a fan made antagonist Abandoned: Discovery Island


She still retains the same features seen in the cartoon shorts of 1930, except that now where her eyes were, she sees a human skull and very dirty of her dress and skin.


She originally does not start in any chamber but will be invoked in The Lounge if you use the cameras too much. If you do the previous thing, she will appear in The Lounge and go into your office to kill you. To avoid her, you will have to hide under the desk, there is a 50/50 chance that turning off any camera will take you away from you, but if you do neither of these two things, you will be attacked by clarabelle, so you can not turn off the energy for one minute.


Lounge ➝ The office


  • She would originally speak but it was decided that not even that sometimes produces a sound similar to the one she did Disembodied when she bolted to see the camera.
  • She can also appear as a hallucination as The Face.
  • She is one of the few characters that are black and white, the others are suicide mouse, horace, happy mouse etc.
  • She will have the gameplay to turn off a camera mainly to the one that has it apart does not work at all well and was more or less changed.


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The jumpscare of abandoned clarabelle.