Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Abandoned Discovery Island: Spotlight is a point and click horror game, based on the 2014 Five Nights At Freddy's fan-game, Five Nights At Treasure Island, and is set in the Abandoned Discovery Island universe.

Summary (Epcot)

The game is set inside Walt Disney World's Epcot, and puts the player in the shoes of part time security guard, Jonas Grant. Jonas was a former night guard at the now foreclosed, River Country. He ended up witnessing the death of not only a two teenagers who snuck inside, but also his coworker, Sage. The fatalties of these three individuals, was a parasite that had made nest in the waters of River Country. This geneticaly altered monster ended up almost killing Jonas, causing him to flee the scene, and report the deaths to a nearby guard. Disney soon found out about this, and kidnapped Jonas to wipe his memory. After this, Disney blamed the incident on a group of vigilantes who broke inside during Jonas's shift.

This tramatic experience left an impact on Jonas, even though he couldn't remember, focing him to resort in using various medications that would cause him to forget even more day by day. Jonas still decided to work for Disney, this time as an animator at the Florida Animation Studio, pursuing his goals to become a full time member of Disney's animation crew, and to also fully forget his blurred memory of his experience at River Country.

However, one day after Jonas's shift at the animation studio, he recived a call from his supervisor, Blake. Blake informed him that one of the guards at Epcot had recently gotten in an accident driving to work, leaving Epcot in a vulnerable state for the night, and due to Jonas's past experience as a night guard, they need him to take up his place for the night. Jonas reluctantly accepts, due to the high pay he'll recive from the job. And so, that night Jonas puts on his old night guard attire, and drives off to Disney World, not knowing of the horrors that await him...

Summary (Disney Sea)


After the bad ending has been achived, the player will be able to enter a new game mode, DisneySea. In this mode, you play as Shawn Miller, an imagineer who works at Disney World. However, soon after a fire sparked at Epcot, the beloved land was burnt to the ground, only leaving cinder and ash behind. Shawn and many other Imagineers, were tasked with building a replacment for Epcot, that being DisneySea. After months of hard work, the new land had been constructed to a massive praise, one that would inscrease Disney's stocks, and allow them to start production on another land. Unfortunately though, Disney never gave credit to any of the imagineers who worked day and night on DisneySea, causing Shawn to become enraged due to his lack of pay, or credit on his creation.

Shawn soon after plotted his revenge, driving him to build a highly advanced Virus, one that would not only infect Disney's entire system, but also learn something new every hour, making it a massive super virus.

After Shawn finished his virus, he transfered it onto a hard drive, and inserted it into the main operating system, causing it to spread throughout the entire network. This Virus soon ended up hacking the animatronics, planning to pick off victims to gain info about killing. But, after DisneySea's network was infected, Shawn soon transfered to night guard duty inside the park, planning to fix his mistake, one that would cost lives if not undone...

Main Characters

  • Jonas Grant

Animatronics / Others (Epcot)

  • Donald Duck
  • Panchito Pistoles
  • José Carioca
  • Tribe Leader
  • Horizons Butler (Optional)
  • The Dream Finder and Figment (Optional)
  • Sam The Eagle (Optional)
  • Pita Gabriel (Optional)
  • Three Headed Troll (Optional)
  • Nokken (Optional)
  • Buzzy (Optional)
  • Remy The Rat (Optional)

Nights / Tasks






  • No tasks


  • No tasks



The Fire Ending

If the player wishes to achive this ending, they will need to gather 20 cans of gasoline scattered throughout Epcot on the 7th night, and take them to several boiler rooms around the park.

After this, the player will need to find a lighter, and a box of matches to light up the gasoline around the boilers, and cause them to explode into a rage of fire, and smoke. When in the process of setting the boilers on fire, the animatronics start to grow more withered, and broken down, causing them to go into a rage filled state. The player will also need to carefully dodge the flames of the massive fire spreading throughout Epcot, as they traverse each section of the park, until they eventually blow up every boiler, and quickly leave Epcot.

However, before they can make it past the exit gate of Disney World, a new animatronic by the name of The Scrap Abomination blocks the way. The player is then forced into one final gameplay sequence were they need to collect a portable generator, and a the burnt lighter from earlier to blow open the entrance gate, why the Scrap Abomination hunts them down. Eventually, the flames ravage the generator, and cause it to blow open the entrance gate, allowing the player to quickly dash out of the park, and leave forever.

The screen then shows a newspaper announcing the fire that had sparked at Epcot, turning the beloved section of Disney World to ash. The CEO of Disney announces a new project, one that involves replacing Epcot...

The Termination Ending

If the player choses to escape Epcot, instead of burning it down, then they must complete there shift, and collect three keys around Epcot, before using them to unlock the entrance gate, and escape.

The player is then met with a Pink Slip, announcing there termination due to tampering with the animatronics, and relations with the incident near River Country, leaving Jonas's fate left unclear...


  1. VALUED EMPLOYEE: Finished the Week
  2. OVERTIME WORKER: Beat Saturday
  3. SEEING RED: Got the Fire Ending
  4. TERMINATED: Got the Termination Ending
  5. SCREAMS OF THE PAST: Found a familar face
  6. HOUSE OF MOUSE: Found Week 2
  7. SUPERVISOR: Beat Saturday without dying
  8. IMAGINATION BREAKER: Finished the ImageWorks without dying
  9. LOST AND FOUND: Found all Lost Episodes
  10. DIRTY RAT: Earned all Achievements