Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Abandoned Fanny is a fan made suit of Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Abandoned Fanny is a charred version of Fanny.


She is a normal Fanny suit, but with a lot of dust over her.


She will become active on night 2, she will take a direct path to the office, she will start on the Storage Room off camera and when she is active she will appear on the right side of the room, after that she will move to the Staff Area, after that she will move to the Lounge, later to the Meat Freezer and after that to the office, shutting off a camera or the power will avoid getting being killed by her.


When moving she will say the following lines:

"Why did you abandon me?"

"You will pay for this."

"I wanna cry."



Abandoned Fanny voice.0 - Abandoned Fanny (Audition)

Abandoned Fanny's voice clips.


  • She is inspired by the abandoned suits from FNATI 2: Let the Show Begin.
  • She was originally going to have some not colored parts, but it looked ugly.
  • She only had her ears downwards on the 2D drawings, now she has her ears downwards on the 3D models too.
  • She is possesed by a man, that explains the deep male voice. 
  • Her screech is as the same as Ortensia's. 
  • The idea of Abandoned Fanny laying on the couch on the Lounge was originally an easter egg idea. 
  • The first promo was actually made with Paint Tool SAI.