Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Abandoned Jessie is an Antagonist in Let The Show Begin: Reimagined. If You Want To See Her Original Form, The Link Is Here.


Jessie Is From The Popular Pixar Film, Toy Story 2.


She looks How She Does in the Film But She is Dirty And Her Eyes Have Been Washed Out.


Jessie Will Go To Reach For The Player In This Route:

Staff Room->Staff Hal->Theater->Hall->Lobby->Office

When She Is Looking At You Through The Door, You Will Have To Make Noise On The Staff Room To Get Her Away Unless She Will Jumpscare You.


Jessie Really Want To See The Player For Unknown Reasons She is Really Hard To Find Because She Never Talks. Only Footstep Sounds Her Model Is From The Xbox 360: Avatar Market And Her Model Can Be Found Here