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Abandoned Mascot is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island. He is also PlushTube678's version of the original Photo-Negative Mickey.


Abandoned Mascot resembles a Showtime Mickey Mouse suit, except for one noticeable feature, which is the fact that the colors of completely photo-negative. He wears a dark blue bowtie, with sky blue colored pants and black buttons. He also wears black gloves with grey shoes. His body is very dusted, and he lacks eyes entirely. Other than the fact he is dirty, he does not appear damaged.


Abandoned Mascot is a Custom Night exclusive character, and is not canon to Five Nights at Treasure Island's or Abandoned: Discovery Island's stories. He is simply a special variant of Photo-Negative Mickey.

He starts in the Suit Warehouse off-camera, but you will see him standing in the center of the room once active. He will then be seen in Character Prep 2, climbing through the window. He will then be seen in the Staff Hall, where he will be seen with his head seemingly disconnected from his body, and is much lower on his shoulders (This is supposed to be a nod to Photo-Negative Mickey in the Staff Hall from the original Five Nights at Treasure Island demo). He will then be seen in the Meat Freezer, where he will be seen standing in the center of the room idly. He will then move to the Office, where he is seen standing on the far right side of Jake's desk. Jake must turn off a camera to get rid of him, as failing to do so will result in a jumpscare and game over.


  • Suit Warehouse
  • Character Prep 2
  • Staff Hall
  • Meat Freezer
  • Office


While moving around the island, Abandoned Mascot will say various things.

  • "Hey"
  • "Hey" (different tone)
  • "Wanna see my head come off?"
  • "Wanna see my head come off?" (different tone)
  • *Laugh*
  • *Laugh* (different tone)
  • "Leave while you can."


Abandoned Mascot's Audio


"Wanna see my head

come off?"

"Wanna see my head

come off?"




"Leave while you can."


  • His original name was going to be Withered Mascot.
  • His voice clips are very similar to Photo-Negative Mickey's.
  • The voice clips were recorded with PlushTube678's voice in Audacity.
  • The amount of reverb in his voice is based off of the character voices in Five Nights at Treasure Island 2.
  • Abandoned Mascot is Page #2085.