Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Abandoned Normal Minnie Is A Normal Minnie But Dusty And Also She Gone Her Left Leg.


She Active On Night 5, She Start On Suit Warehouse Then She Move To Entrace Room, Then She Move To Stairway And She Move To Power Room, Trying Destroying Power, If You See Her On Power Room, She Must Be Shocked By Shock Control To Shock Her And She Back To Suit Warehouse. Failling Result, She Destroying The Power And Disabled Ability To Shut Off Power(Only In One Night), In Abandoned Night She Is Different, She Start On Suit Room 1, Then She Move To Hallway 3, Then She Move To Show Stage, Then She Goes To Vent A, Then She Move To Vent B, And Office, Shut Off Camera If She Come To Your Office.


  • She Was Abandoned 5 Years Ago And The Result This.
  • She Is Never Speak.