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Abandoned Olaf is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Abandoned Olaf heavily resembles his film counterpart. Abandoned Olaf's body is covered in dirt, and is almost completely grey. His eyes are blackened with bright white pupils. He also appears having a constant "angry" expression.


Abandoned Olaf begins off-camera in the Storage Area until around 2AM, where he will be seen standing towards the bottom right corner of the room. He is glaring at the camera with an angry expression. Abandoned Olaf will then move to the Staff Area, where he is seen standing in the doorway to the Storage Area, once again staring into the camera with his hand reaching to the side of the doorframe. He will then move to the Meat Freezer, where he is seen standing in the middle of the room. He is once again staring into the camera, but his pupils are missing. His face is heavily obscured by darkness, but it is seen that he is wide-eyed, and his mouth is hanging open. He will then take a direct path to the Office through the Meat Freezer, and will be seen standing in front of the desk. His arms are outstretched and his upper body is bent over. His mouth is wide open, and his expression appears irritated. The only way to get rid of him is to shut off a camera, as failing to do so will result in a jumpscare.


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  • Abandoned Olaf is based on the antagonists from FNaTI 2: Let the Show Begin.
  • Abandoned Olaf's model is from Kingdom Hearts III.
  • His jumpscare sound is from Luna Game.