Abandoned Photo-Negative Minnie is a fanmade antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island 2.0.


Looks like Photo-Negative Minnie, but dusty and dirty.

She can sometime be shaded.


She'll become active on Night 5 , She'll start off in the Staff Lounge , Then she will go to the Suit Warehouse.

Next off , she'll go to the Entrance Room and then she will go to Meat Freezer then she'll go to the Office.

The player must pull off the Monitor or else she'll kill you.

Second Way To Kill The Player

She will be throwed in the floor of the Office. Randomly, she will get up. If she wakes up, shut off a camera. If you didn't shut off any camera, she will kill you.


(Coming soon!)

"Just what i need to do, is kill you and never see you again...!"

"I will be dusty... But you... You are a very bad man..."

"¡I waked up!"

"What were you thinking!?"


  • She has supposed to be in FNATI 2: Let The Show Begin.
  • Her jumpscare is the Impure Mouse ones.
  • She's the only character what is in the office everytime.
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