Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Abandoned pinocchio is a antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island and he appears in another game called The old tunnel of spirits but in the old tunnel of spirits is not a enemy, is only a background character.


Abandoned pinocchio maintains its original appearance seen in the film and in Disney Parks with the exception that now its feet are missing, along with half of its legs and it also lacks its right eye which is now a gap with some cracks, obviously it looks dirty for the time it has been abandoned in the place.


He will start in Janitor's closet lying on the floor, but he will not be seen until he has activated, however, having activated on Night 4 he will be able to see him heading towards you. He will go to the bathroom and then get to the meat freezer and finally enter your office, so to avoid being killed by pinocchio you have to hide under the desk or otherwise the game will end up in a jumpscare.


Janitor's closet ➝ Bathroom ➝ Meat freezer ➝ The office


  • The same as most characters has a second version which is a phantom version.
  • The sound of his jumpscare sounds like the one of The Face, but with some variations.
  • The character when he is in the office appears twice, one is around the door and the other is above the desk.
  • He is one of the slowest characters since it will take 17 seconds per camera and that has fewer locations.
  • Originally it would appear in Character Prep 1 but it was moved to Janitor's closet because in Character Prep 1 there are many characters that start there.


  • "¿Why you come here, and what is your purpose?"
  • "I know all the pain you've caused."
  • "¡Lost your hope now!"'
  • "*Laugh*"'
  • "We lost something in our lives."'