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Abandoned Scrooge McDuck is an antagonist on Abandoned Discovery Island and is the second version of Scrooge McDuck.


He looks similar to Scrooge McDuck. With the exception that now it is dirty and damaged, it is missing half of its two arms, the lower part of its beak and its right eye. The reason that this dirty is for the time that was abandoned in Discovery island, and the reason that this broken is because louie dewey and huey tried to repair disembodied but obviously defended himself not to be destroyed, however he lost several parts of his body except his feet and head.


He will start in caverns entrance but he will not be seen because he is in the pirate caverns, but he will go up to caverns entrance to take the next chambers the meat freezer and the lounge when he stays in the lounge for 1 minute in the camera . When you have entered your office and he will stay in the left door for 10 seconds you have to light it before he goes to you and kills you.


Caverns entrance ➝ Meat freezer ➝ Lounge ➝ The office


  • He is one of the characters that has another version in this case is Scrooge duck.
  • This character has two teasers which say the following texts

Sometimes you live and sometimes you die We are not alone.

  • Originally I would have the gameplay to turn off the power but decided it was the lamp because it is the least used.
  • He is one of the enemies that does not speak.