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He is another abandoned female antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island 2.0 and is another character of The little mermaid.


Her appearance looks just like the movie the little mermaid, except that her dress is torn and dirty apart from her missing eyes and half her leg. obviously his body is dirty due to the years he has been abandoned and finally his hands are missing.


She will start in caverns entrance but she will not be seen at first however she will be seen when she has moved awake to kill you, she will then go to the meat freezer and the lounge to enter your office. When you have entered your office you have to hide under the desk to avoid being attacked, however if you do not hide from it, it will attack you and slester will be faster to kill you.


Caverns entrance ➝ Meat freezer ➝ Lounge ➝ The office


  • She is another character from the movie of the little mermaid other serious ariel.
  • She would originally be a ghost but it was decided that it would be an abandoned costume since it looks better to her as an abandoned costume than a ghost.
  • She is one of the characters that when she attacks you does not kill you but she deactivates some mechanics so as not to spend the night.
  • Very seldom happens that she was activated in the night 1 this happens through a game bug.