Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Abandoned end of disney It is an alternate reality of the game five night at treasure island and the creepy pasta, abandoned by Disney, The game happens in 2029, 15 after the murders on the treasure island in 2014. Joseph decides to return to the abandoned resort called treasure island to free the souls of those who died in the costumes, however he will discover that after having escaped there were more deaths and now all of them are waiting for you to take revenge on you.


  • 1.- Photo negative Mickey
  • 2.- Negative Minnie
  • 3.- Dark Oswald
  • 4.- Ortensia
  • 5.- Pluto Man
  • 6.- Acephalous
  • 7.- Disembodied
  • 8.- Daisy duck
  • 9.- Dipper Pines
  • 10.- Melted Mabel Pines
  • 11.- Captain Pete
  • 12.- Willie steamboat
  • 14.- The Face {Mickey}
  • 15.- The Conjoined {chip and dale}
  • 16.- Winnie pooh
  • 17.- Hourglass
  • 18.- Slester
  • 19.- Undying
  • 20.- Stitch
  • 21.- Woody
  • 22.- Jessie
  • 23.- Snow white
  • 24.- The Corruptus
  • 25.- True Mickey
  • 26.- Nightmackey {The deadly creature}


CAM 1 - Staff Area CAM 2 - Meat Freezer CAM 3 - Characters Prep 1 CAM 4 - Storage Room CAM 5 - Bathroom CAM 6 - The Lounge CAM 7 - Broadcasting CAM 8 - Characters Prep 2 CAM 9 - Janitor's Closet CAM 10 - Maintenance Room CAM 11 - Caverns Entrance CAM 12 - The Elevator CAM 13 - The Roof CAM 14 - Entryway CAM 15 - Acting Room


In 2014 the treasure island was opening by Disney, a tropical island-style resort which would have several attractions and places to have algae etc. The place was very well lived by the people and in fact by that time it was one of the best resorts that Disney had made, however there was an attraction that had not yet been completed called {Pirate Caverns} so a guard was sought To watch the part of the establishment where the entrance to the pirate caves was located, a person named Jacob Evans who required money for his house decided to work there to earn the money he needed. Jacob was hired to work for a week in the place and in fact he found a friend of his who worked as those who wore suits, his first day he started at the place checking the cameras if someone unauthorized entered the place where he was elevator to pirate caverns. The first 3 hours were calm and boring, however when I checked the camera preparation characters saw that there was a mickey mouse suit which moved in strange ways like a dead man, the guard was surprised that the suit moved in that way and if there was someone inside, to defend himself, he turned off the cameras to claim him from the location where he was. The mickey suit went to pirate caverns so Jacob had to go to chamber 11 or caverns entrance. When I arrived at the place the suit was no longer for which he knew that he had already come down so he had to go down the elevator and press the elevator button so that he can go down, I wait 5 minutes for him to be able to go down and nothing happened

  • Jacob: The longer I have to wait for this stupid elevator to let me down.

After waiting again for 5 minutes, the elevator rang and the guard said:

  • Jacob: Finally after 10 minutes I will be able to go down to look for that person.

Jacob shouted at being scared by one of the employees in a mickey suit however the suit looked different. The person inside the mickey suit I tell him.

  • ???: What are you doing here jacob? Aren't you supposed to be watching the place?
  • Jacob: Kyle? What the hell are you doing here?
  • ???: Kyle? ooh ...
  • Kyle: I was looking for the head of the mickey suit so I had to go down if I was there and found it next to the supply room.
  • Jacob: But if pirate caverns are under construction, why would they be down there?
  • Kyle: Floor 1 is already finished just need to accommodate some things and finish floor 2 and 3.
  • Jacob: Well, but don't scare me again that way okay.
  • Kyle: Estabien. See you later.
  • Jacob: Bye.

While Kyle came out of Caverns entrance, Jacob noticed that he was carrying a lever behind the obviously Jacob did not take much importance and they gave 6 pm. When Jacob returned home he wondered what had happened to the mickey he saw in preparation of characters? The next day I would try to see if I saw him again and so Jacob tired went to sleep. 3 days passed after Jacob started his week as a guard and also after having found another mickey mouse suit, however between day 1 to 3 some employees had disappeared among them were those who wore the suits. The people inside the suits that disappeared are the following.

  • Robert Smith-Goofy
  • Alexander Jones-Pluto
  • Thomas Miller-Donald
  • Susan Garcia-Daisy
  • Bethany Smith-Ortensia
  • Charles Rodriguez-Oswald

The only people in the suits that are still there are

  • Kyle Evans-Mickey Mouse
  • Sarah Tremblay-Minnie Mouse
  • Harry Wilson- Willie steamboat

On the 4th of Jacob, it started normal even when I was lost from the disappearance of the employees who wore suits and apart in the previous days I could not find the other mickey mouse suit that he saw on his first day. Until the phone rang, Jacob answered to see who it was when he answered it turned out that he had two messages the first one said the following:

Charles: Hi. I will quickly tell you something that happened on Tuesday 19 at 9:34 pm. 5 employees disappeared among them 2 who wore suits, I don't remember the names of the employees but I suppose they are the donald duck and the daisy duck. So far the only ones I think they were are Kyle, Thomas, Bethany, Sarah and you even that there is one in particular that was which is ... Jacob's call was cut, I know he was confused, so he decided to review the other message which said the following:

???: I guess there are only 3 left, Charles, why did you have to open your mouth? It is simply pathetic that you tried to ... {strange sounds}. But well I hope there is no one else who has discovered what I did. Goodbye. Jacob: That last message had something weird, that voice sounded like Harry's. No. I doubt it was him, these last 3 days I will try to be aware of who is to blame. It was 6 pm and the war went home and began to analyze the two calls after a while he went to sleep with his wife.