Abandoned Lynn is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned Discovery Island and one of the character that is originally from the series called, The Loud House.


She looks exactly similar to her original counterpart in the original series, except that her right eye is hanging, apart from her left arm, she is also missing the lower part of her right arm and some damage to her face.


She will start in characters prep 2 sitting at the table with some characters. However, when she has woken up, she will go to the Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Lounge. Before entering the office, she will rush to into the office and can instantly jumpscare the player. Before she enters your office, you have to shut off a camera to get her away from you and not be killed, otherwise she will end up in a jumpscare and an instant game over.


Characters Prep 2 ➝ Staff Area ➝ Meat Freezer ➝ Lounge ➝ The Office.

or this route

Characters Prep 2 ➝ Staff Area ➝ Meat Freezer ➝ The Office.


  • She unlike some louds is not a mmd if not an original character suit.
  • His scream is the same as oswald.
  • She should be in when she could appear in characters prep 1 but this happened very few times.
  • She is one of the fastest characters being that by camera it will take 5 seconds unlike others.


  • "Hello friend, you should ask what I do here, right?"
  • "The last time are your mistakes or our mistakes."
  • "You will be like us."
  • "We are not false, we are real and bizarres."
  • "The original souls are not happy, are really angry for your fault."


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