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You're next. -Murder Suit

This character is unsettling to some people

Reason: His death screen, teaser or hallucination may look unsettling to some people

Please, continue at your own risk

Abandonment is a fan-made character in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Abandonment is fan-made character in Abandoned: Discovery Island. Abandonment is the physical manifestation of the abandonment of the suits. All of their angry and sad feelings combined together to create a Mickey Mouse-like ghost.


Abandonment is a completely greyscale Photo-Negative Mickey suit with a dirty texture. His eyes are missing, and the back of his head is visible through the eyes. Abandonment has a white head, ears, arms, torso, and legs. His gloves, face, buttons, and shoes are all dark grey, and his shorts are a light grey.


Abandonment is a very rare character to come across, as he has a very low chance of being seen. When seen, he will be in Character Prep 2, the camera being completely in greyscale. The words "Abandoned by Disney" and "Abandoned by God" will be written sloppily on all of the walls, floor, and ceiling. After this, Abandonment will appear in the office. Abandonment will be leaning over the desk, twitching and making an undiscernible sound. During this, hallucinations will flash on screen briefly. The player can get rid of him by either flipping up the camera once again, or hiding under the desk. Failing to do so will result in a death screen that will crash the game.


Abandonment Audio

twitching sound.

Death screen sound.



  • The twitching sound is from Five Nights at Tubbyland, but slightly pitched down. The creator is trying to make his own audio currently.
  • The hallucination images were made before the creation of the character.