Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


There was once a pizzeria, created by George (not the eyesore!). Many kids and grows up like have been here, until the next year. George had to abondon the place due to an accident, where Goofy hugged a kid to death. The robots were storaged in Floor 2, but due that it was old floor, robots got ignited. George didn know that theyre possesed by unknown satan. One day, there was a storm that almost burned the place. A man seeing unknown figure at "top of building" , had called George, his friend. George then wanted to hire a night guard to figure it all. The nightguard homever seen destroyed robots in first floor strangely...


  • Ignited Satan Goofy
  • Ignited Satan Mickey
  • Ignited Satan Classic Mickey from steamboat willie (due to being possesed its now suicide mouse)
  • Ignited Satan Minnie
  • Ignited Satan Oswald
  • Ignited Satan Ortensia
  • Ignited Pluto (prop)
  • Ignited Satan Donald