Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Cartoon aceickey.png


Aceickey looks like acephalous but with sharp fingers and a mickey head thats attached to him and a his ear is slightly melting his chin shows a big smile than normal but his mouth is wide open almost like the face and he has human eyeballs and human teeth.


Aceickey starts in the brodcasting room then he comes out of the tv and when he is active he will be standing in the bordcasting room then a disturbing face of mickey mouse on goofys body will be on the tv and screaming and chainsaw noise's will come from the tv then he goes to character prep 1 and the poster changes to that disturbing image then he goes to the staff area then the meat freezer and makes acephalous' head get human eyes and a wide open mouth then he goes to the lounge and changes the paintings and the torn down no smoking poster will turn to that disturbing image then he will go to the office changing the monitor screen from turned off to the disturbing image and on the discovery island sign and discovery island map and the cactus kid poster and the grenada poster on the tv. The player must shut off a camera to make him go away.