Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

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He appears to be a normal-looking Goofy costume without his head and some discoloration around the body. His head is the same as his Disney counterpart as well, with the exception being that it has no long, droopy ears. Acephalous also wears a yellow jacket unlike Goofy's original black one. His head mostly has his eyes closed, as if asleep. Curiously, even though he is without his head, he is still able to walk around fluently without any problems.


Acephalous's body for the most part behaves exactly like the other suits. The only difference is that shutting off a camera does not work on him so the player must instead hide whenever he enters the Office. His head won't enter the office unless Purity summons it to the office. When Acephalous's head is in the office the player will be unable to hide under the desk. The player can't get rid of the head once it is in the office, as Purity prevents the player from shutting off the camera, and Daisy Duck prevents the player from shutting off the power.

When moving around Treasure Island, Acephalous's head/body will say:

"Hear me.." "Have a heart...Please..." "I thought you loved me..." "Do you think leaving me here, would prove anything?" "I called for help..But you didn't listen..." "Hear Me" (Louder/Less Echo) "im still here..." Locations

The head's starting location is in the Meat Freezer before moving to the Office if Purity summons it. The body's starting location is in the Janitor's Closet and can move to the Bathroom, Meat Freezer, and The Office for the moment.