Agamemnon Duck is a fan made Easter egg on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He appears to be Disembodied, but with his own eyes and appears to have a smile with human teeth inside his mouth. He also has six, small blue tentacle-like appendage's growing out from his head.


He only appears on a special night called " Agamemnon Night" if the player types in " Agamemnon" on the main menu. He starts in Character Prep 1. When in the office unlike his normal counterpart, he will not make any noise, but instead bounce on the desk, and if not taken care of by shutting off a cam, he will bounce infront of your face, blocking the screen for 15 seconds.


Agamemnon Duck starts in Character Prep 1, then teleport's to the office.


He is based on the blue creatures from the Youtube Video, " Agamemnon Counterpart"

He might be the only character who is seen moving in the office.

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