Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Agamemnon Undying is a fan made Easter egg on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He appears to be his normal self, but wearing a black suit, he also appears to be transparent.


He only appears in the special night called " Agamemnon Night" if the player types in " Agamemnon" on the main menu. He will first be off camera in the Meat Freezer, but he will then be seen, if the player doesn't pull down the monitor quickly, he will appear in the office as switching cameras will make him appear in these rooms too. When in the office, the player must shut off the power or he will crash your game. He will appear with transparent like effects while in the office and distorted music will play around the time he's active, stopping the funky music.


Agamemnon Undying starts in Meat Freezer off camera, but can go to any other location if the player switches camera when he's active, then he goes to the office.


He's based on the Mysterious man from the ending of the Youtube Video, " Agamemnon Counterpart"

Unlike his normal counterpart, he crashes your game.