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Apltraum is a character in Five Nights At Treasure Island


Apltraum is a character based off MickMick but with Crimson eyes, the suit is Suicide Mouse but with some blood on it..


Alptraum starts in Character Prep 1, then he moves into the Staff Area, then the Lounge, and finally to the Office.

To prevent him from jumpscaring you, you must hide under the desk for 5 seconds, after he's gone he can teleport to the office or start back to Character Prep 1.

His jumpscare is a death screen that won't crash the game, and after the player dies, he will go back to the main menu. Instead of seeing Photo Negative Mickey, Alptraum is in the menu. Apltraum will be on the menu until the player beats the night or quits the game.

Quotes when moving

"Dark times are ahead"

"You don't deserve to live"

"Your heart is mine"

"Scream, but nobody can hear you"

"Nobody will find your body"


  • Alptraum was going to be able to move to in all cameras, but that was taken out due to confusion and laziness
  • Alptraum means "Nightmare" in German
  • Alptraum's has a deep and dark voice that echos when he says the quotes when moving from camera to camera
  • He was going to start on Night 6
  • Alptraum is not connected to Verlassen in anyway, Verlassen is an abandoned Mickey suit, and Alptraum is an demonic mouse.