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As his name suggests, Animatronic Mickey is a robotic version of MickMick. However, he is in a very poor condition. The covering for his muzzle is missing, exposing the endoskeleton inside. His right eye seems to have a scar on it. His left eye is replaced with a red pupil. The endoskeleton for his left ear is partially exposed.

Most of the endoskeleton of Animatronic Mickey's torso is exposed, with only a small portion of the lower half being covered. His left arm is missing, with a few wires replacing it. His right arm's covering is completely missing, but the hand remains completely intact.

Animatronic Mickey is missing the left button on his pants. The covering on his left leg is completely missing. Half of his right foot's suit is missing as well.


Animatronic Mickey doesn't appear until the power is out. He will randomly appear in the office during that given period of time. To stop him, the player must flash the light three times on him.


  • Animatronic Mickey is inspired of Ignited Bonnie from The Joy of Creation: Reborn.