Anime negative pacifica is an antagonist of Abandoned Discovery Island 2.0 and is one of the few that can be duplicated in two the other would be Corruptus, in this case Pacifica de duplicara in its alternative of reverse falls called Pacifica southeast.

Appearance Pacifica Northwest

She looks more like her anime version of zerochan than the original of the series gravity falls, except that now she has her skin, clothes and eyes totally negative color.

Appearance Pacifica Southeast

She retains the same traits seen in reverse falls or also the image of zerochan, except that now, like 'pacifica northwest' she has her clothes, skin and eyes of negative color.

Behavior Pacifica Northwest

She will start in janitor's closet and but she will not be seen in the camera, however when the night is over she will be activating to kill you and get a game over, she will take this shortcut to kill you bathroom then go to the meat freezer the lounge finally the office. When you see her standing in front of her desk you have to look at her figamente without seeing the cameras and without hiding under the desk, if you do not ignore her you will not be attacked and will go back to where you started, but nevertheless if you ignore her in different ways you will be attacked ending with a game over. The strange thing is that if you turn off the power it will appear in front of you blocking your screen so you can be attacked by another enemy.

Occasionally, he will speak, but his words are reversed. His lines, if set to normal, are as follows:

I do not want to stay still.

Listen to me once, Jake.

Very soon you will join us.

It's time to die.

Behavior Pacifica Southeast

She will be summoned by pacific northwest in camera 9 (janitor's closet) when she has fully activated, then she will take the same locations of pacific norwest specifically bathroom then the meat freezer the lounge and her office. When you have entered your office you will see it on the left and if you turn the cameras or do anything other than looking at it, you will be approaching to kill it, when it is near or far away you have to look at it too so as not to be attacked otherwise you will be attacked ending the game. The strange thing is that if you also turn off the power, the possibility of hiding under the desk and the appearance of the goofy head which causes you to hide can not be ruled out.

Occasionally, he will speak, but his words are reversed. His lines, if set to normal, are as follows:

I can not bless my negative soul.

why are you here, is it for those who have died or is it because you are looking for answers.

The costumes of this place have suffered and others mutated for some abnormal reason.


  • Curiously, when she is in the office, the head of Daisy and Oswald will appear.
  • They share the same scream only that one sounds more depressing and the other normal.
  • Originally they would start in characters prep 2 but it was removed to janitor's closet since in characters prep 2 they would be more visible than in janitor's closet.
  • They have the same playability as Po in Tubbyland return.


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