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Anjing Mickey is some jack-ass in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Anjing Mickey has Pluto for his head. His body remains the same.


Anjing Mickey starts from 🗿 Night. He starts being a poo in Location 69. After minutes of being a poo, he will stand up as a sign that he will come after the player. After that, he will go to Location 420, which is just a clone of Location 69. After that, he will go to the Office. The player must type "ANJING" at the keyboard. He will slowly disappear after typing that.


  • The Office will turn to a square room with poo all over it when Anjing Mickey's inside.
  • "Anjing" means "dog" in Malay or Indo.
  • Anjing Mickey will pee at your face as his jumpscare.