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"Jokes Ahead"
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"I prevent spam, it's what i do" -ASA

Introduction....? (Let's hope the administrators don't hate me for this)

Anti Spamming Aquamarine or "ASA" for short is a joke character and maybe even a forum character in Five Nights At Treasure Island.


Unlike Photo Negative Mickey, she has a route similar to his, instead she starts in the Meme Freezer, then the lobby. And then makes her way into the office.

The player must shut off a camera or else she will shoot the player with her AK47.

She is based off Xx_PN_MICKEY_NOSCOPER_xX

When she and Xx_PN_MICKEY_NOSCOPER_xX are in the office, Vandalizing Mouse jumpscares the player. Crashing the game and killing the player.


"Spammer will suffer here"

"Spammer is going to be a good cake"


"I prevent spam, it's what i do"

"You will slaughtered by my AK47"


  • Anti Spamming Aquamarine could be Xx_PN_MICKEY_NOSCOPER_xX's girlfriend
  • She is not connected to Photo Negative Mickey or Minnie
  • She is the only character referencing the show Steven Universe
  • She was going to have a shade version of herself, but that was cut out due to laziness, just like Verlassen's BATIM song in The Broadcasting Room.
  • She was teased in NowDoYourHomieShake's ask the suits series, and she actually killed one person.
  • She is based off Aquamarine from Steven Universe.
  • The only difference between the regular Aquamarine and her is that the regular holds a wand, while she holds an AK47...
  • It's unconfirmed if a stupid screenshot of her laughing can show up on the cameras, if it is then i will upload the photo. I found the screenshot on google+ and thought it would be a good idea
  • She could be one of the first characters to get a user blocked due to their quotes, one of them actually was a "threat."
  • She is the first character in NowDoYourHomieShake's creations to have such a long trivia.