Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Armageddon is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He appears to be a demonic Undying as His textures appear to be hellish red. He has demonic, possessed eyes and has a mouth that ooze some lines down with sharp teeth inside them. He also appears to have a gaping mouth on chest with sharp teeth. His left arm appears to be three tentacles one being small and thin, medium sized and average, and long and thick. His other arm has a big hand with long fingers with sharp claws. His back appears to have spikes and he appears to be taller than Undying.


Armageddon starts at night 3 in Pirates Cavern similar to Undying, but he only shows up if the player types in " Armageddon" on the main menu. When the player enters Pirates Cavern, it will appear to be pretty devastated as it looks almost completely destroyed, but the elevator still works. Nobody is active around that time as you see in Floor 1, The Face appears to be impaled in a spike and on the second floor, you see Undying inside his cage, severely injured as he looks at you and says " Help.... a very evil, demonic figure has came here and destroyed this place, you must leave now or else he will get you" On the third floor, if you go to Henry. He appears to have holes on his chest and body. He will then say that an evil creature has rise from the underworld to try to cause destruction on Discovery Island and you have to stop it with a special holy item known as " Mickey's golden cross" to stop it. You then try to go and find the item, around that time, Armageddon will chase after you from all floors, sometimes he will catch you with his tentacle arms, press the space bar to get loose or he will kill you. Once you found the item, you use it on Armageddon, he screams then runs away. The night then continues normally, but on night 6, God will show up first thing, severely injured telling you this " H-hello Jake, you g-got to help me, this creature named " Armageddon" Has rise from the underworld to try to cause destruction on this Island, he has killed most of the toons, including Undying. And that human, I hope he told you about the item used to fend him off. Good you have it, now use it against Armageddon and destroy him once and for all before it's too l-late...." She then starts to fade away as you hear Armageddon laugh and say in a demonic voice " Well.. well... well... this is it, you're this island's last hope. Well I hope you're ready because I will rain terror down on you first, then this whole island! Let's see if you can defeat me, I mean i'm sure with that item, you can.. but let's see if you can try." He then laughs and the night starts. You check on the monitor to see where he's at. He appears at a random location and goes at a random pattern, when he's in the office, you muse use Mickey's golden Cross or he will kill you. He has his " Demon meter" which drains if the item is used, but he can use the toon's souls and suck them to regain his health back, you can stop it by shutting off a camera which drives the souls away. Once you beat him, he will try grab you and say " You may have bested me human, but it's already too late, the Armageddon has started! And it w-w-w-i.... NNNNNNAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!" A bright light is flashed as Armageddon is seen faded away, you then see God restored back to her health. She then thanks you and explains about Armageddon's backstory saying that he's another lost soul on the island who died, but he was into satanism and his soul was in hell, but she accidentally bring his corrupted demonic soul back up and into the Island, Mickey's Golden Cross was used by Mickey Mouse to stop all evil, but has abandoned it and now it's on the island as a weapon. Undying then comes up and thanks Jake and everybody's happy. The player gets the " Antigeddon ending".


Armageddon appears at Pirates Cavern, but then appears everywhere during his night.


  • Despite being similar to Undying, he's alot more powerful and demonic.
  • He was formed as a corrupted, Demon soul.