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Atlantic Donald is a antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island 2.0 and he is another Atlantic character it's probably Turtle Goofy.


He look similar to Donald Duck, but except that it lacks his hat and sailor clothes, now instead of having normal duck feet now he has blue tentacles his head even the same as that of disembodied. Also, he looks like an octopus.


He will start sitting in the break room and then wake up to go kill him taking the next locations. First enter the storage room, then the staff area, the meat freezer, the lounge and finally in your office. When you are in your office you will be seen in the left hand lean, you will have to light it to not be killed otherwise it will approach you causing you can not turn off the camera, this may affect a lot since others have the opportunity to kill you so which is better to light it to survive the night.


Break room ➝ Storage room ➝ Staff area ➝ Meat freezer ➝ Lounge ➝ The office


  • He belongs originally to the game Kingdom Hearts and is one of the few that is not broken or dirty.
  • When it is in the office it will be heard that it is making the same sound as disembodied but much less noisy and aquatic.
  • He also appears on the second floor of pirate caverns along with Undying.
  • If in the custom night on your keyboard you write S Q U I D there will be a call at the beginning.
  • He is one of the slowest characters being that by camera it takes 15 seconds.