Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Sora is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island 2.0 and another character who is from antlantida.


He looks similar as in the original game in fact is like Donald of the Atlantic that has no change, except that a part of his body changes to one of a mariono animal in this case sora is a triton.


He will start at the entrance room but will not be seen until he has woken up, when he has woken up he will go to the next locations. Caverns enters that is right next to the entrance room and then went to the meat freezer to finally enter his office through the right door. When you have entered your office you will have to hide under the desk to avoid being killed, otherwise it will result in a jumpscare ending with a game over.


Entrance room ➝ Caverns entrance ➝ Meat freezer ➝ The office

or this route

Entrance room ➝ Caverns entrance ➝ Meat freezer ➝ Lounge ➝The office


  • He is one of the few characters that are not dirty or broken.
  • He would have the same gameplay to turn off a camera but change it because it is very repetitive.
  • he has another version which is an easter egg which appears if at night 5 you raise and lower the monitor.
  • He originally started in Depths but decides to change it because it does not look good there.