Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Barbed Mickey is a regular Mickey Mouse suit, except strange horn-like growths are coming out of many parts of his body. he is missing fingers on both hands, and his left leg entirely. His lower jaw is stretched and his eyes are a dark red.


Barbed Mickey will be first seen on the Treasure Island Graveyard, coming out of the ground. He will then be seen on the Roof, trying to get out to get into the building. He will then be seen in Character Prep 2 standing on a table. Barbed Mickey will then move his way to the Meat Freezer, where he is hiding behind some boxes. He will then enter the office, where you must shut off a camera to get rid of him.


  • Treasure Island Graveyard
  • Roof
  • Character Prep 2
  • Meat Freezer
  • Office


When moving around Discovery Island, Barbed will say the following...

  1. "I've always been there."
  2. "I've done my time, and so will you!"
  3. "I will drag you down to hell."
  4. "I suffered too."
  5. "I've made many mistakes."