Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Barley Lightfoot is one of the and Fan Made antagonist on A:DI"


He has same appearance as his normal counterpart except that his body is melting and has 2 ghostly white eye that replacing his original eye.


He will start on Break Room and he will move to Bathroom, Meat Freezer and eventually your Office, you have to Stand Still when you see him.


  • "This place was a Mistake"
  • "Who made this Island?"
  • "Everything is a disaster"
  • "Left Abandoned"
  • "GOD is leaving us in there"



  • He and Long-Lost Disembodied are only Somerandomguy38 creations that use FNATI related Mechanics.
  • His last quote isn't true because GOD can sometimes appear on Discovery Island(you have to hide when you see her)
  • In V 6.2 he will not leave on your Officebeven when you Stand Still in front of him, this was fixed after all.
  • He is one of the "Melted" gang the other being The Mistakes, Melted Mickey and others.