Baymax is a Fan-Made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


The same as in the Big Hero 6's movie of Disney. Except that in his jumpscare, He gains red pupils.


He starts in Storage Room but hidden. He soon appears in the room. His movement is to the Staff Area, Meat Freezer and the Office. When he's in the office, He's watching the player trough the door. He's soon in the door. and soon, He gets in the Office. When the lights are bright and Baymax is in the office, The player needs to shut off a cam for make him go away. Failling at this will result on Baymax Jumpscare, Crashing the game. Turning off the power while he's in the Office will restart his cycle.


  • Sometimes, Hiding in the desk will make Baymax go away
  • He jumpscares the player if staying in the Main Menu for 2 minutes
  • His behavior when in the office is similar to Grunkfuss the Clown
  • His jumpscare is from his promo






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