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Birb is a fan-made character and an unofficial antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Birb looks like a normal bird from the species Dacnis cayana. She looks like to be bigger than usual in real life, and she sometimes is seen in the shoulder of Photo-Negative Mickey.


Birb starts on The Roof, then, she teleports randomly to other rooms (See in Locations). There's not a way to know if she is going to enter to the office.

When she reaches the office, she can be seen above the Treasure Island or on the desk.

While moving, she can say one of the following quotes:

*Bird noises*

"Bring me seeds!"

"Only seeds can sustain me"

If the player sees her on the Treasure Island sign, he/she must shut off a camera, but if she's above the desk, the player must bring her 5 seeds. The player can also hide under the desk when she's above it, but that needs to be really quick, in less than 1.5 seconds, but this only has a low chance of working.

How to get seeds

The player must get seeds under the desk or in the cameras. The player will see the "Seeds" icon in the cameras, and he/she must click it to get a seed.

To get them under the desk the player must wait 50 seconds. Every 50 secs. a seed will appear under the desk. Again, the player must click the seeds to get one of them.


She starts in The Roof, then, she can teleport to:

  • Character Prep 1
  • Bathrooms
  • The office


  • She wants to kill the player only for seeds.
  • She is actually a random bird who got into Treasure Island, then, she noticed that Jake has got seeds, so, she wants them.
  • She is the first bird in the A:DI RP Wikia.
  • She is User:Budgie2712's favourite character.
  • The quotes "Only seeds can sustain me" and "Bring me seeds" are a clear reference to the quotes of Marge from the game Eggs for Bart.

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