Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Blacklight Oswald is one of the antagonist on ADI"


He is that Classic Oswald from FNATI:Found but his color is mostly pink and green. He has blue and white pupil which Classic Oswald never had. He has small green tint on his head. He also have a green line on his lower shoes, his pants is colored in pink while his torso is colored pink and green. His ear is also same colors as his torso(Green and Pink).


He will appear and sleeping on your office on Night 4 and higher(Except for Night 6 and Night 9). There will be a new mechanic called "Temperature Panel" which allow you to increase the temperature or decreasing the temperature. When his eye are glowing you must either decrease or increase the temperature to make him sleeping again. Don't make the temperature below -1° or above 145° because you will die by either Hypothermia or Hyperthermia. He will kill you if you don't decrease or increase the temperature


He has no quotes.


He can only enter these place:

  • Office


  • He is based on Blacklight Bonnie from FnaF VR.
  • Unlike other oswald variants. He's seems doesn't search "God".
  • Unlike other suits/toons. In custom night he has OFF/ON to order to make him active or disabling him instead using 0 to 20 AI .